untitled (november 2020 #1)

Sorting documents like trying
To rid hot wax from a mechanism. –
I was directing the ‘rigged’ outlets
From within the book, in case, correcting,
They were out on demand and fairly.

Asked to ask I depressed the alternative –
A that meant I could speak with no sound –
As I said, the hearing being the speaking in
Actually, yes, the snapped time of the split-screen.

The white-noise of my echo anchor
Kept the surface at bay, and docked:
Silently flogged by recurring drafts,
Charged hiding of my plans for tomorrow,
Indiscretion of the alternative tab,
Manoeuvre of quickness to dance and clothes.

Saving in my head what deserves it for years hence.
Crossing off of the personal effects at the end of the session.

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